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We offer a monthly or quarterly Management Accounts service to our clients.

Our owner Ian Townsend spent 25 years in commerce and industry as Finance Manager and Financial Controller and is committed to the importance for small business owners of having a good understanding of the business's performance.

It is not uncommon for small business owners to only see a complete Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet at the year end accounts and frequently 6 months after the year end, when responding to these financial results may be too late.

Businesses regularly use online accounting software for the day to day accounting. This means that meaningful Management Accounts are just a few steps away. Unlike Year End Statutory Accounts, Management Accounts are internal, are extremely flexible in reporting, and can be tailored to your own business.

It is inevitable that some internal reporting may need to use spreadsheets where regular software will not suffice. We regularly provide additional spreadsheet reporting for our clients.

If you are using online Accounting Software, we recommend that you take the few extra steps to prepare regular Management Accounts to assess your business performance as you go along, rather than waiting until several months after Year End Accounts are prepared.

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